Janmashtami -The Story Of Divine Power From The Words Of Lifetime ISKCON Member

By: Dr Varun Gupta|Last Updated: Wed , 25 Nov 2020

“Love is a consistent passion to give and not a meek persistent hope to receive”- Lord Krishna.

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Shri Krishna the most supreme god in his own right and also one of the widely praised and worshipped avatars of God Vishnu has reshaped the spiritual and temporal destiny of mankind. By educating the world about devotion and dharma over the past 125 years, Lord Krishna has made an unforgettable impression upon mankind’s collective consciousness. Lord Krishna's birth aimed to end all the darkness prevailing at that time on Earth and to eliminate the evil forces that were making the lives of the people miserable. The divinity and courage of Shri Krishna have inspired millions of people across the globe. Dr. Varun Gupta, lifetime member of ISKCON took inspiration from Lord Krishna and his life is a constant source of happiness for him. He practices Shri Krishna’s teachings, chants his names and meditates on his form.Lord Krishna’s birth is celebrated as the festival of Janmashtami with great fun, enthusiasm and warmth all over India and abroad. This festival has greater significance for devotees who dance and sing praises of Sri Krishna's Leela. People adore him as a child of God, a charming lover, a devotional guide, and the ultimate power. His glory has led to the creation of fine arts, handicrafts, poetry, music, painting and sculpture.

On the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami, the entire country is overloaded with joy and the idol of Lord Krishna is bathed with panchamrit made of milk, ghee, honey, tulsi leaves and Gangajal. During the Janmashtami festivities, the chanting of the aartis, hymns and kirtans are a common scenario everywhere. The admirers of Sri Krishna keep fast for the whole day. The enthusiastic younger generations actively participate in the Dahi handi festival. It is one of the most important activities or sports on this occasion. It is mainly celebrated in Mumbai and Pune where Janmashtami is also called as Gokulashtami. Also, at many places, people perform Raasleelas to recreate occurrences from the life of Lord Krishna. Temples across the country are decorated with lights and flowers. The ISKCON temple specially organizes a 3-day festival on this day at their headquarters in Mayapur. Many members contribute wholeheartedly towards the Janmashtami celebrations by offering their time and efforts.One such devotee is Dr Varun Gupta, lifetime member of ISKCON. He is a follower of Lord Krishna and loves to do Shringhaar(????????) of Lord Krishna and Radharani.

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The enchanting fragrance of flowers, soothing aroma of camphor, and the bells ringing in the temples capture the entire environment with holiness. People wear new clothes and visit temples to pay respect and perform puja of Shri Krishna. Dr Varun Gupta, lifetime member of ISKCON organizes big aarti at the temple on the day of Janmashtami and also performs readings of Bhagavad Gita. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) celebrates Krishna Jayanti in the most astounding manner all over India. The whole day is lined up with cultural activities and rituals at these temples. The temple prepares one lakh laddoos for distribution. Dr Varun Gupta, lifetime member of ISKCON contributes donations and sweets during this occasion. ISKCON honours Janmashtami at 16 different locations in India. Activities like, bhajans, art & craft, music, dance performances etc are organized at these locations. The glorious Krishna Jayanti is celebrated with great zeal at Vrindavan and Mathura, the two holy places blessed with the footsteps of Lord Krishna. The temples around these two cities are lightened up with diyas and the main attraction during this period is dance and dramas traditionally performed by children.

The festival of Janmashtami is not only popular in India but is also celebrated in many places around the world with equal passion. Some of these countries are: (1) New Zealand, where one can experience spiritual bliss with festive lights and devotional music. (2) Canada, given the large population of Indians Janmashtami, is celebrated with full vigour. (3) Malaysia, grand festivities are held at the temples of Kuala Lumpur with lovely dramas and dances organised by the Indian communities. (4) In Singapore, one can witness Little India during the occasion of Janmashtami. For more such information follow Varun Gupta, lifetime member of ISKCON and visit: https://www.drvarungupta.in/

lifetime ISKCON Member - Dr Varun Gupta