Challenge Yourself - Become a Better You in Just 30 Days

Challenge Yourself - Become a Better You in Just 30 Days

I used to be quite skeptical when I saw headlines like the one on this very article. I never believed that in such a short time space as 30 days could you affect any kind of meaningful change upon yourself. It turns out I was wrong. There are quite a few things you can do that when kept up for 30 days, you will notice a positive shift in your favor.

Here are some of the things that I did consistently for 30 days that helped me become an educationist, successful entrepreneur and business and liaising consultant

First - Spreading Positivity

Positive energy has an incredible effect on you and those close to you. In your 30-day improvement plan, try to pay compliments to people around you at least once daily. Others are naturally drawn to positivity, and while making yourself feel better, you also become a better networker, and better able to build strong working relationships.

Second- Physical Exercise

Exercise doesn't have to mean hours spent getting ripped down at the local gym. Just 20-30 minutes of exercise each day helps to relax your mind, release endorphins and keep your heart and body healthy. Whether you take a walk outside, lift some weights or go for a run, the results are quickly noticeable. After 30 days you will wonder why you have not done this your whole life.

Third- Making Free Space in my Calendar

As a businessman, it seems counterintuitive to have empty gaps in my calendar. My professional instinct tells me to fill each hour with productivity. A free space in the calendar, in fact, becomes its own challenge. Each day you need to fill that space with something unique and interesting; something to create positive, fun memories. You might take up a hobby, listen to music, watch a documentary or visit an art gallery --- anything that uplifts and inspires is great for this challenge.

Fourth- Patience Building

This is perhaps the most challenging part of the 30-day self-improvement plan. Why is that? Because it takes training and perseverance. Forcing yourself not to lose your temper while waiting for something is not easy. Each day when you encounter situations like being stuck in traffic, or waiting for a friend or colleague who is running late, take time to close your eyes, breathe deeply and try to stay calm and patient. If you make it to 30 days, you will be amazed how much less stress you feel in your everyday and professional life.

Fifth- Reading

For me, this is undoubtedly the most fun kind of self-improvement. I always give myself a window of at least 30 minutes to settle in and read something --- a novel, a business book, an academic work, it all works --- and reap the benefits. Reading expands your mind, lengthens your attention span, and helps you build your critical faculties. In short, it is exercise for the mind.

Challenge yourself - it only takes 30 days

At the beginning, 30 days of doing something constantly sounds like an insurmountable task. The hardest part of it all is getting started. Once you get off the ground and you start spreading your positive messages, taking exercise, making free time, building patience and taking time to read, the feeling of achievement and progress will quickly take hold. It won't be long before you can feel yourself raising your own bar; refilling your mental and physical gas tank; becoming the best version of yourself.