Quality Education: The topmost development agenda?

According to the famous philanthropist Nelson Mandela - “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. A recent study showed that India’s economy is growing due to its improved education system by increasing the education expenditure to 80% in the last few years. This, in turn, helped to increase the literacy rates in India by 74% and a rise in GDP. This subsequent growth in the education sector has widened the scope of job opportunities for young Indians in India as well as abroad. 

When we talk about education in literal terms it means knowledge. Right education is beyond bookish knowledge and includes moral values, ethics, dedication, positive thinking, helpfulness, decisiveness. Education plays a vital role in society, for individuals as well as for the country as a whole. The major agenda of education is the mental, emotional and physical development of children. It helps individuals to inspire their potential. According to UNESCO, education ensures equality of opportunity for members of all ethnic, racial and national groups. It is the fastest way of improving knowledge and experiences. Education decides the future of a country, society and an individual. There are many reasons why education should top the development agenda. Few are listed below:

Societal Upliftment

Education is important for the growth and development of society. It helps human beings to focus on their social aspects and models them to build a supreme position in the society. As no man can just depend on its biological existence.

Societal Upliftment

Responsible Citizens

By learning about our rich heritage and culture, we get to imbibe those values in our real lives as well. Education opens our horizons and makes a worthy contribution to our lives. It enables us to understand our duties and makes us responsible citizens.

Removes inequality

Education eliminates economic and social inequalities in the world. The individuals who do not belong to a wealthy family or have a fortunate background but have good education can get access to better jobs. Thus, education removes any kind of injustice.

Removes inequality

Reduces poverty

The influx of better education facilities in India has led to the growth of more job opportunities and therefore eradicating poverty to some extent. Thus, higher education will decrease the probability of poverty and increase income levels.

Economic Development

Every country’s economic health depends on its literacy levels. Highly educated workers are more efficient and productive than less educated ones. With the right literacy levels and critical thinking, employees can contribute better in the fields of science and technology. This in turns helps to improve the economic growth of the country.

Economic Development

Thus, quality education will change the entire life of a person. It will improve the lifestyles of people as well as increase their income levels. This phenomenon will also lead to a rise in national income. But the question arises here is what constitutes quality education. Let us throw some light on what quality education is for any individual.

  1. Quality education is the skills and knowledge which are child-centred.
  2. It provides a comfortable and safe environment for the children that nurtures them.
  3. It helps to celebrate each child’s intellectual and creative abilities and encourage their curiosity.
  4. Employ positive discipline, broad learning aspects and build self-esteem.
  5. Quality education promotes equality, justice, democracy and unity.
  6. It engages children in cultural assets and motivates them to embrace diversity.
  7. >Quality education promotes equality

  8. It boosts the self-confidence of young individuals and makes them adaptable to the external environment.
  9. It helps all teachers to deliver the best curriculum to children by using top education practices. 
  10. It promotes collaborative relationships between teachers, school staff, students, parents, families that foster respect, trust, appreciation and cooperation.
  11. It emphasizes on quality learning by limiting the use of adaptive technology and on-line learning.

Therefore, quality education is what makes an individual and a country flourish. It also helps to eradicate the unemployment issues in society and also helps to increase the GDP. For more such amazing insights into the field of education follow Dr Varun Gupta, an enthusiastic educationist and entrepreneur and an Indian peace ambassador. To know more about him visit- drvarungupta.in