Education Consultant

While India may be the hub of higher education, education abroad has become quite a trend. Students see it as an opportunity to get a global perspective and build networks across the globe. It’s a chance for them to explore different cultures and explore new concepts and ideas. This is where education consultants come into the picture.

Education consultants have taken the market by a swing and for all the right reasons. These are people who wish to make a greater change or who want to contribute to the field of education but not in the usual way of teaching. They are administrators who guide you in choosing a career line. They help you with their knowledge in the field to choose the best university for you and the procedures that follow along. This means all the hassles and worries are taken care of and you can focus solely on your plans ahead. Intrigued?
Let’s find out how the services of educational consultants can benefit you

One to One Service
One of the best benefits of hiring a consultant is getting personalized counseling. The consultant customizes the plan as per your goals. They discuss the universities, the fee structure, accommodation requirements, and then set up a plan with you. Also, they make sure to help you choose a line that has potential growth in the future. This means that all the hard work is done by them for you.

Career Counseling
It is a common misconception that consultants can be helpful only when you have everything planned. Most of us haven’t decided what exactly we want to do with our lives by the end of high school. We might not be even aware of all the options that we have. This is where the consultant comes in and takes the charge. They will help you decide which could be the best possible lines for you concerning your interests and counsel you on the procedures to follow.

Guidance in Admissions
Now, the job of the consultant doesn’t just end in the counseling process. They make sure to check up on the deadline of the colleges you will apply to and guide you through the entire admission process. They will help you with fee payments and scheduling meetings. Also, They make sure that all your documents are ready and submitted. So, you don’t end up missing any deadline and it all goes out very smoothly.

Financial Estimations
Another important factor that education consultants keep in mind is financial estimations. So, for everyone who thought that education consultancies are only for the elites, it’s false. You can share with the consultant what is your potential budget and they will make sure to find the best college for you within the range. They will provide you with a rough estimate of the budget. And plenty of options to select from. Additionally, they can help you in terms of information regarding education loans as well.

Future Growth
All of this doesn’t mean that the consultant would not guide the future growth of a field. Remember, they are the experts in their field. They have years of experience and hence they know if there is potential growth. If not, they tell you about the job opportunities and average packages in the field. This can be highly beneficial in knowing whether the plan you laid out for yourself is attainable or not.

Accommodation Assistance
Many of us have to relocate during our graduation or post-graduation. During this time accommodation is one of the biggest hassles. We aren’t aware of the best and safest places to live and hence get skeptical about the idea of moving. Well, a consultant can help you out in finding out the best localities to stay in and where most of the college students usually put up. They can provide you full assistance in terms of accommodation as well.

And finally, when you hire a consultant, you hire an expert. They know their field in and out. A lot of students are eligible for a scholarship at a university. But they are unaware because it is not promoted enough on the websites of universities. This way they tend to miss out on opportunities. An education consultant has a list of all the state, central scholarships that are available which can benefit you tremendously.

Some of the additional perks you get by hiring a consultant are:

1) Back-Up plans
At a time when most of us don’t even have our Plan A ready, educational consultants make sure to have a Plan B also in line. This is a precautionary measure, in case even after reminders a deadline is missed or due to some other reasons your admission doesn’t take through. Education consultants make sure to keep all points into consideration because they won’t take a risk in your career.

2) Post Admission services
Many education consultancies even provide post-admission services to help you settle in the host country in terms of the university guidelines and the culture. This will give you a sense of comfort and will help in settling down with ease.

3) Preparing SOPs
When applying to any foreign university, they seek for SOP, i.e., statement of purpose. Your consultant will help you in preparing these SOPs for every university you apply to. The consultants have a fair idea about the selection criteria of the university. Thus, they will try to increase your chances of getting selected through it.

4) VISA Interviews
Very often, even when you do get selected for a university, you can get stuck during the VISA process. Your consultant will help you in preparing for the VISA interviews. Also, in times of rejection, they help you in reapplying for it and help you in addressing all the shortfalls.

5) Choosing a country
Your consultant will always be abreast of the social-political situations of all the potential countries. He/she can assist in choosing countries/universities which will be best suited at the time for foreign students. They can help you make a more informed decision.
Higher education in general comes with its challenges, but in education abroad, the scope of issues widens. This is what makes education consultancies your best bet. It helps you focus on all the important topics while they take care of the rest. Do make sure to check them out when planning your future abroad.