WOW! 7 Reasons I found to love cows while serving the Goshala

Amishrit Dairy & Agro Products launched to take the love towards cows and Goshala towards Aatmanirbhar Bharat

Cows are miraculously intelligent and incredibly thoughtful and sensitive animals who are among the most gentle and evolved animals. Furthermore, they have beautiful large eyes and a touch of calmness in them with their matte skin tinted in a muted palette having shades of off-white to grey through beige and brown. Its signature hump makes it the most adorable of animals. That is why they are considered sacred for a reason.

According to Hindu mythology, in one of the oldest Hindu scriptures, THE VEDAS, the cow is associated with Aditi, the mother of all the gods. During festivals, the animal is decorated and is worshipped by holy men to seek blessings. Considering the same belief and faith Dr. Varun Gupta and his family have launched a brand Amishrit Dairy & Agro Products to serve unadulterated milk and milk products. The brand also aims to join hands with Vocal for Local campaign of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to opt Indian brands. 

It is one of the safest animals as despite weighing 1,500 lbs, they have no instinct to harm humans, and also they are a wonderful companion loyal to their masters. 

Despite being a pleasant animal, the vast majority of cattle spend their lives on farms confined to terrible conditions and inhumane practices to meet the needs of humans for milk and meat. When confined to such conditions, they lose their natural behavior and are often misunderstood of their true nature. If you have never thought about how wonderful cows are and have never considered their emotional capabilities, here are 7 fascinating things that make cows one of the most loving animals.

dr. varun gupta

Smart & Intelligent Creature

The thought that cows are dumb is a myth. In Fact, they are very intelligent and curious about solving problems. Studies have shown that cows are critical thinkers in a complex situation and capable of learning associations and using past experiences to determine their future actions. Researchers also say that they get very excited when it comes to problem-solving challenges as their heartbeats increase and brainwaves elevate. They are no different from us in this case. They get very happy and excited when they overcome a problem and sometimes they even jump in the air!

Powerful memory: cows remember everything

Be nice with her because you are once in her presence and the cow will remember you. They have great appreciable memories and possess a special quality of recognizing faces even after long periods of time. Especially they have an amazing spatial memory. They very well remember the surroundings and the necessity locations such as best grazing spots, shelter, and most importantly, the location of their babies. It's a fact that once you feed a cow it will again knock your doors the next day!

Powerful memory: cows remember everything

Highly Emotional

Like humans, cows have mood swings too! Sometimes they are very happy and joyful, prancing and jumping into the air with excitement. They also love to play around and seek pleasure. However, sometimes they are unhappy and isolate themselves from others. They are quite moody and tactful. They might dislike certain individuals and hold a grudge for them. You will find them sad in bad weather and certainly smiling on a sunny day. 

Cows have Best friends too

They are very friendly in nature. They form strong bonds with their preferred individuals and spend much of their time with them. Yes, they too have best friends like us. Studies show that when their best friends are near their stress level decreases and when they get separated they are found under depression. They keep up with their friendships very well. They help each other, learn from each other, and even take decisions together. 

Love for their Babies

A cow is known to be best in her motherhood. The relationship between the cow and her baby is the strongest. They nurse their calves for as long as three years. Being one of the most loving parents, they create strong friendly maternal bonds and are very protective towards their child. Parents remain close to their calves for a lifetime. Their speciality is that all the mothers will come together and will help nurture calves if necessary.

Love for their Babies

Grieves over their loved ones deeply

As cows form deep connections, they even grieve deeply for them. When separated from their best friends or children, they show a sign of grief and will quietly sit in one corner refusing to eat and drink anything for a few days. They will search for them even after so many days of separation and will be found crying at times just as the calves cry for their mother.

Loves affection and caring

Anyone who owns a cow will tell you how much cows love to cuddle and play with the ones they love. They are extremely affectionate and loving creatures. They do possess an amazing capacity for forgiveness. Even if they have been mistreated in the past, they learn to forgive and trust people again. They usually love to be petted, stroked, and scratched behind the ears.

With the brand Amishrit Dairy and Agro Products Dr. Varun Gupta aims to employ many and join hands with the campaign of Aatmanirbhar Bharat.